Tech Observations #7: Good ole HTML

Let me tell you a little secret. When I was 14 and a geek, I walked around with a big fat book. Think of the thickest book you know. Well, that was my HTML book.

I was the geek who was probably the only one in my class to even know what HTML was.

I taught myself HTML from scratch, back when websites were not much more than ugly-ass text and a few images with a default blue border around them.

My secret was that I had a hidden reason for being so excited about geek-talk: I had a huge crush on this guy who was a geek.

Back then, I thought I would get into all the programming languages. And I did dip into javascript and even a tad bit of C++ (influence of my brother). But as time went by, I got more into content and less into programming.

But the HTML I learned way back then actually stuck.

And I’m so happy I have it. It’s so handy!

For my business, I will most likely start with a wordpress blog. And if you’ve ever used one, you’ll know that editing in the HTML gives you oh-so much more freedom! Thank God for those geeky days of old.

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