Tech Observation #1: APIs

So APIs are the cool ways that content holders allow you to plug into their databases and connect what they got to what you got.

For my company, my dream would be to plug into a myriad of APIs — Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr, for instance. In each case, I would like to filter the content by geolocation, specific users I select and keywords.

Although they were awed by my tech plan, the tech guys that came to our grand tech night, quickly warned me that I should tackle but one API at a time. In fact, one of the tech guys (forgive me for forgetting your name!) told me that my outline would cost no less than $1 million to build.

Yes, that’s pocket change for me.

In other news, it looks like CNN will open its iReport API, although I couldn’t find a better news source than this tweet by a Reuters API guy. If this happens, I’m definitely interested.

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